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Natura Commitment

Natura are all the elements and forces that make up the world. We have to take care of it!

We're ruining the world together. It's a reality.

It's no longer worth using the conditional: we would, should, could, need... it's time to speak in the present tense: we do, can, need, act...

Natura was born in 1992 with a clear premise: to always find the balance between profitability and respect for the world. The time has come to act. Sustainability is a business priority and together we have to make it possible.

We have achieved

Eliminate 100% of the plastic in the packaging of all online orders

Bubble wrap? Precinct? We have eliminated all these materials to make way for biodegradable, recyclable and recycled materials.

Replace the Agua por Agua bottle with a 50% recycled plastic one

One of the challenges of the project is to continue raising the same money that we have raised so far for the NGO Aigua per el Sahel, but reducing the impact we generate in the world.

A bottle made of 50% recycled plastic which is in turn 100% recyclable. Plastic is one of the few materials that allow what is commonly known as a Bottle to Bottle (from a recycled bottle an identical bottle can be produced without using more material). If we all throw our bottles in the yellow container we can get 100% recycled plastic bottles and 100% recyclable.

Use Green Energy in our stores

86% of our own stores consume Green Energy: supplies contracted to companies that ensure that the energy they generate comes from renewable energies.

20% biodegradable poly bags

The 2020 summer collection has arrived at our stores with a novelty: 20% of the plastic bags in which the products are packaged, the "poly bags", have already become 100% biodegradable. These are bags that are only used to transport the products, keeping them in good condition and, once at their destination, they are thrown away. We believe that this is one of the main wastes we generate as a company and we want to reduce it as much as possible.

Have an operational recycling system throughout our network of stores

Although it seems obvious, recycling everything and recycling it OK is not so easy. In 2020 we have made it. All our stores have the necessary resources and have been trained to be able to classify and correctly process all the waste generated, ensuring the separation of each synthetic and organic material.

To be continued...

We keep working to achieve, every day, a better balance between principles, sustainability and profitability.

Below these lines we explain you what our next objectives are.

2020-2021 objetives

More fashion garments and accessories by poly bag – This link opens in a new window
More fashion garments and accessories by poly bag

Currently, each fashionable garment and accessory is packaged in a poly bag. We are working to ensure that, by 2021, each polybag contains a pack of two garments of the same model and size. This will significantly reduce the use of poly bags.

Reusable paddings for in-store accessories display – This link opens in a new window
Reusable paddings for in-store accessories display

As you know, in our stores we sell many accessories such as bags and backpacks that are usually filled with paper or bubble wrap to be displayed. Our goal for this year is to replace the fillings of all our products with reusable fabric cushions.

Zero single use plastic in our packagings – This link opens in a new window
Zero single use plastic in our packagings

We are working internally to reduce all the disposable plastic that our packagings contain for the 2020 winter season. Currently only 15% of our packagings contain plastic, but the goal is to reduce it to the maximum until we reach a packaging that does not contain useless plastic, superfluous or simply decorative.

Minimize the use of consumables and supplies – This link opens in a new window
Minimize the use of consumables and supplies

One of our medium-term objectives to be more sustainable is to minimize our consumables and the use of our basic supplies in stores, warehouses and offices. To achieve this, we are replacing all the bulbs in our stores with energy-efficient LED lights, and we have also installed thermostats to regulate the room temperature and not waste resources when heating or cooling our stores.


Agua por Agua

According to UN data, one-sixth of the world's population does not have access to safe drinking water. Every day, more than 4,000 children in the world die because they do not have access to water in optimal conditions, this being one of the main causes of infant mortality in the world. Natura collaborates with the NGO Aigua per al Sahel to distribute water rich in solidarity. For each bottle purchased, 0.50 euros are given to the entity that is destined to the construction of wells in Burkina Faso.

For more information, check the webpage of Agua por Agua here.

Premio Natura

Every year, Natura announces the Natura Prize, a competition that finances projects related to humanitarian aid or the defence of nature proposed by entities, associations or foundations with a non-governmental character. The prize was created in 1994 with the purpose of recognizing the effort behind all these small initiatives and collaborating in their realization to contribute to changing the world.

For more information, check the webpage of Premio Natura here.