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Namasté, baby


Summer dresses are a classic at Natura. We love maxi dresses, midi dresses, long sleeve dresses, shirt dresses, tunics... In all types of designs, colours and prints. And if they are comfortable, fluid and with a hippie touch, they make us crazy. What about you? Do you love dresses as much as we do?

We strongly support printed dresses, it is our hallmark, but also those designed in loose and fluid patterns. But you will always find more fitted dresses, with a halter neckline, with straps, with a low back, long sleeves for a boho look... Choose the dress that best suits your needs, from plain dresses to dresses with straps, or Indian tunics to escape to the beach without wasting a second and long printed dress for a special night.

Dresses are that garment that conveys your style in the simplest way and without much thought. Feminine, relaxed, elegant, bohemian. Don't let anybody decide for you!